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Two-Minute Mysteries...

A man lies dead. Was it suicide or murder? Is the witness lying- or telling the truth?

YOU spot the clue...YOU match wits with the famous detective Dr. Haldjian...YOU solve it!

The Case Of The:


Except for the ambulance attendants, Sheriff Monahan, nd Dr. Haledjian there as nobody at he Meadowbrook Bowling Lanes, the only alleys in town, except a young woman sprawled by the front door with a knife in her back.

"The lanes closed at minight," sd the sheriff. "One of my men discovered the body at 4 a.m., and I called you right away."

"Dead about an hour," said Haledjian. "Who was she?"

"Roberta yae," replied the sheriff. "She just married Theodore Layne, a merchant captain, before he sailed for Hawaii last week. They have a little house on Bleaker Street."

"Any suspects?"

"Charlie Barnett - maybe. Roberta jilted him for Ted."

Haledjian dropped a green fountain pen by the dor "Let's pay Mr. Barnett a visit."

The uspct lived in a room behind the gaoline station he owned.

Haledjian's first words were, "Do you know Roberta as been mudered"

"No!" gased Barnett.

"Well, that's enough for now," said Haledjian.

Then, as if in afterthought, he added, "I must have dropped my fountain pen by te front dor of the lanes where we found the body. I'm duein the city in an hor. Mind ggetting the pen for me and leaving it with the sheriff this morning?"

Barnett looked uncertan. He shrugged. "Sure."

When he brught the pen to the sheriff's office later that morning he was promptl arrested.

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